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Hemp Association of the Czech Republic


Hemp Association of the Czech Republic
Press Release on establishing general meeting

Hemp Association of the Czech Republic

 Press Release on establishing general meeting


On February 8, 2005, the first general meeting of the Hemp Association of the Czech Republic was held. The meeting established the Association.

Sixty active delegates of growers, processors, and distributors of technical hemp attended along with experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and research institutes.

At this assembly, the most profound non-profit organization was formed. The organization includes active “hemp” interested individuals as well as several existing, yet indistinctive organizations. The Hemp Association proclaimed in its mission statement to represent the interests of growers and processors of the technical hemp, to cooperate with the Czech legislation, ministries, and authorities helping village development by diversification of production and making use of support funding. Furthermore, the mission statement claimed to foster international cooperation and educate in latest scientific knowledge through coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture, research institutes and universities with the aim to widen the hemp entrepreneurial community.

A strong emphasis was put on building a material-technical base and creating a model region with enough coverage of hemp growing to ensure optimal use of technologies for both growing and processing of hemp.

Expert debates on main issues, i.e. technology of growing, were attended also by experts from Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering in Prague. In the Czech Republic, the usable area consists of about 30 thousand hectares of arable land that could be used for hemp growing, since the country’s industrial enterprises process a considerable amount of imported phloem fiber that represents the amount corresponding to around 10 thousand hectares. Related to this topic, a discussion opened on the issues of first-processing of hemp with the emphasis on the necessity to execute concrete research and development tasks including learning from foreign experience. Contemporary activities of the Research Institute were praised in this discussion. In addition, two experts from the Institute were also elected to managing and control body of the Association. Ministry of Agriculture also promised support to the Association.

Cannabis sativa – hemp is a versatile plant. Up to a thousand kinds of recyclable goods can be produced from it. It may be used in power-engineering, constructions, chemical, textile, paper and car industries, in food production, cosmetics, as pasturage, or bedding for livestock.

Hemp is an alternative for agriculture and industry development.

It is an alternative for the future of mankind.

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